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What Are the Estate Planning Concerns Facing a Single Parent?

As a single parent, you want to make sure that your child is clothed, fed and loved. However, what have you planned for his well-being after you? What would happen to your child if something unexpected were to happen to you? What would happen to his financial situation?

It’s important for single parents to think in […]

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How Often Should You Review Your Estate Plan?

The biggest estate planning mistake that people make after failure to have a will, is making a will but failing to update it regularly. Remember that your will and the other documents in your estate plan must be frequently updated to reflect the changed circumstances of your life. There may be changes in your life […]

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Advice for Estate Planning When You Have a Special Needs Child

If you are the parent of a special needs child, you understand the responsibility that has been placed on you. You want to not only ensure that the special needs child is looked after well after you, but also that he will continue to remain eligible for certain crucial federal benefits. Talk to a Tampa […]

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Estate Planning Concerns with a Blended Family

According to statistics, more than 42 million Americans are currently in a second marriage, which makes for many blended families across the country. Estate planning concerns are much higher, when you have two families to plan for.

A blended family is a family in which at least one spouse already has children from a previous marriage. […]

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What Is the IRS Fresh Start Program?

The Internal Revenue Service makes it easy for taxpayers to pay back debt. The agency offers a number of programs that are designed to help taxpayers clear tax dues, and avoid expensive tax liens. One such program is the Fresh Start Program.

The Fresh Start Program increases or raises the limit that taxpayers can owe before […]

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Estate Planning Concerns for Single Individuals

When you’re single, decisions who to leave your assets to or who to trust with financial or health care power of attorney can be challenging. However, these are decisions that must be made. Remember, that in the event that you have not made a will, the state may have to decide what happens to your […]

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Are You Eligible for an Offer in Compromise?

The Internal Revenue Service allows individuals who owe the agency tax debt to submit an Offer in Compromise. This Offer in Compromise will allow the individual to settle his tax debt for less than what he actually owes the agency.

However, this option is not for everyone. The Internal Revenue Service will consider an Offer in […]

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Estate Planning for High Net Worth Individuals

Estate planning can be an even more challenging affair, when it involves significant wealth.

Individuals with high net worth must take a number of factors into consideration, while defining their estate plans. For instance, one major concern for you as a high net worth individual would be the impact of the estate taxes that your heirs […]

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Paying off Tax Debt: Offer in Compromise

The Internal Revenue Service offers a number of ways that you can pay off your tax debt. One of those ways is an Offer in Compromise.

This Offer in Compromise allows you to settle your tax debt with the Internal Revenue Service for less than the complete amount you owe. An Offer in Compromise is typically […]

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How Do You Plan for Your Digital Assets?

Most people plan extensively for the division of their financial assets, like their home, retirement policies, life insurance policies, jewelry, antiques and other assets. However, they miss out on one critically important thing-their digital assets.

Digital assets can include your e-mail IDs, online accounts, social media accounts, brokerage accounts, networking profiles and your entire digital presence […]

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