Tampa Business Attorney

Tampa Business AttorneyIn Florida, one of the most complicated things you can do is buy or sell a business. Let an experienced business transaction attorney help. For more than three decades, Tampa business attorney Wallace B. Anderson, Jr., has represented the sellers and buyers of a variety of businesses in the Tampa Bay area. With considerable experience on both sides of the transaction, Mr. Anderson can see to it that your interests are protected, that the transaction is fully compliant, and that it takes place with the least possible aggravation or interference. If you’re buying or selling a business in the Tampa Bay area – or considering it – talk first with Wallace B. Anderson, Jr.


Purchasing an existing business may be easier and less risky than launching your own startup. Still, you must become aware of any problems or potential problems the business may be facing. What is the financial history and condition of the business? Has it been sued and are any claims pending? What is the customer base? Who is the competition? An experienced business lawyer can help you find and gather the information you need to make an informed decision. Tampa business attorney Wallace B. Anderson, Jr., has decades of experience helping business buyers with research, zoning matters, licensing, permits, and more.


Those selling a business also need to have an attorney’s help. When you sell a business, you can be slapped with a big tax obligation. Let attorney Wallace B. Anderson, Jr., help you reduce the negative impact of a business sale. A good business transaction lawyer can also make sure the necessary paperwork is properly prepared and the closing is straightforward and smooth. Whether you’re buying or selling a Florida business, let Tampa attorney Wallace B. Anderson, Jr., go to work for you. Mr. Anderson looks forward to working with you. Don’t wait. If you’re buying or selling a business in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, or Hernando County, contact Mr. Anderson through the contact form on this website or call (813) 639-4255 as quickly as possible.