Tampa Business Formation attorney

Tampa Business Formation attorneyFor more than thirty years, Tampa business formation attorney Wallace B. Anderson, Jr., has provided sound legal advice to scores of clients throughout the Tampa Bay area regarding new business formation, the choice of business entity, liability, ownership rights, and other business agreements pertaining to business entities including but not limited to S and C corporations, LLCs, general and limited partnerships, professional groups, and trade associations.


If you’re forming a new business in Florida, you’ll want the advice of an experienced Tampa business attorney to help you choose what type of business organization best suits your own needs and wishes. A limited liability corporation (LLC), for example, combines the tax benefits and the straightforwardness of a partnership or sole proprietorship with the personal liability protection of a corporation and protection from creditors of LLC members taking over a member’s LLC ownership. Make sure to consider a good Florida business lawyer’s advice.

Forming a new business is not easy, but experienced Tampa business lawyers Wallace B. Anderson, Jr., can comb through every line of your business plan, and business law contracts, to make sure that it’s appropriate for your business, compliant, and doesn’t expose you to unnecessary risk. Choosing the right business organization and drafting a good business plan first, with the help of a good Florida business attorney, is the smart way to reduce risk and enhance your prospects for long-term growth.


With more than thirty years of business formation experience, Tampa business attorney Wallace B. Anderson, Jr., charges an initial consultation fee to prospective clients at a reduced hourly rate. Don’t wait to obtain the business formation advice and services you need. If you’re launching a new business, and need business law help, in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, or Hernando County, or if you’ve already started the business formation process,and need further assistance with your legal contracts and other business formation issues, contact Mr. Anderson through the contact form on this website or call (813) 639-4255 as quickly as possible.