Tampa IRS Debt Litigation Attorney

Tampa IRS Debt Litigation AttorneyThe U.S. Tax Court is a judicial forum where you may dispute IRS allegations against you. Tax Court gives you the opportunity to prove why you do not owe the tax amount that the IRS claims you owe. Most Tax Court clients are companies and individuals who already have been involved in an IRS audit or review. If you are being audited or reviewed, contact experienced Tampa IRS debt litigation attorney Wallace B. Anderson, Jr., as quickly as possible.


The first step is to try to arrive at a friendly resolution of the tax audit. If that’s not possible, then Wallace B. Anderson, Jr. will represent you aggressively in the Tax Court. Winning is what it’s all about at that stage, and while no outcome can ever be guaranteed in a tax case, Wallace B. Anderson, Jr. handles these cases routinely. He understands the Tax Court’s rules and procedures, and he’s an experienced tax attorney who knows what it takes to win. Approximately 25,000 cases are heard in the U.S. Tax Courts every year. The most important benefit of going to Tax Court is that, through your attorney, you can explain your side of the dispute without having to pay the disputed tax amount in advance.

In cases where the amount in dispute is less than $50,000, you may opt to have your case tried under the Tax Court’s simplified small tax case procedure. Tampa tax attorney Wallace B. Anderson, Jr., can explain your options. Trials in small tax cases are less formal and move faster. However, the decisions in small tax trials may not be appealed.


For more than thirty years, Tampa tax attorney Wallace B. Anderson, Jr., has provided quality legal services to clients in Tampa and the Tampa Bay area including Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, and Hernando County. In cases that head to Tax Court, you’ll want an experienced Florida tax attorney who has helped others in similar circumstances. If you’re dealing with an audit or any dispute with the IRS, contact Wallace B. Anderson, Jr., promptly through the contact form on this website or call (813) 639-4255 as quickly as possible.