Tampa Probate Litigation Attorney

Tampa probate litigation attorneyExperienced Tampa probate litigation attorney Wallace B. Anderson, Jr., represents beneficiaries and personal representatives in all matters of probate litigation in Florida probate courts. Florida probate litigation usually involves a dispute over the validity of a will or trust, the meaning and language of a will or trust, the appropriate administration of a will or trust, the claims of creditors, the rights of surviving spouses, and determining what assets are included in the estate. If you are involved – or anticipate being involved – in a probate dispute, contact experienced Tampa probate litigation attorney Wallace B. Anderson, Jr., as quickly as possible.


Failure to act promptly can be a huge mistake. The time allowed for some legal actions in a probate case is severely limited. When a deceased person’s last will and testament is offered for probate, creditors and heirs are accorded rights, privileges, and limitations that must be strictly followed. They will receive a Notice of Administration stating that the will has been filed for probate. The Notice of Administration also specifies a deadline for filing objections to the will or the proceedings – usually just twenty days. The will itself is available for review, and since not everyone involved may be satisfied, probate litigation often involves a will contest. Grounds for contesting a will may include allegations of a lack of mental capacity, undue influence, duress, intentional interference, and/or improper signing of the will.


Attorney Wallace B. Anderson, Jr., provides high-quality legal services to clients in Tampa and the Tampa Bay area including Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, and Hernando County. After the loss of a loved one, you may need an experienced Florida probate litigation attorney who has helped other clients in similar situations. If you need legal help regarding probate litigation, contact attorney Wallace B. Anderson, Jr., promptly through the contact form on this website or call (813) 639-4255 as quickly as possible.